Implementing best practices in project management

You can find a lot of standard project management trainings on the market today, covering standard basic techniques and destined to new project managers. However, there are only a few that offer you practical insights to help you put these techniques to work directly after the training. This 2-day training was designed to focus on the core components that truly make a project successful and leaves other topics aside. Even seasoned project managers can benefit from this training. Theory is kept to a strict minimum and you learn directly from the attendees’ mistakes. For each topic, we use a quizz to review with the participants the main points of a particular technique, then each group applies the technique to manage a project and we review the results all together, so that the participant is kept active virtually all the time. In fact this is more a workshop than a training, and it works best with project managers who have already some experience. In addition, it is based on a fun case study that everybody can relate to. Often case studies are either common but not very exciting (e.g. building a house) or too specific (e.g. implementing a software solution) so that it is difficult for non-expert people to relate to.


  • A comprehensive project charter
  • A clear Work Breakdown Structure- a tool for effective scope discussion and prioritization
  • An adaptive schedule- how far and in how much detail should you plan ? How should you use your schedule to control your project ?
  • An integrated risk management plan
  • An action plan that the team can execute- a tool for effective task/issue follow-up
  • Project metrics to make real decisions- how can you objectively assess the health of your project ?
  • Lessons learned that can be used

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