NEW- Project Portfolio Management ONLINE Training

This very effective training will give you the keys to implement your strategy faster. It focuses on what really makes the difference and provides you tools used successfully by several of our customers.


Learning Objectives

·      Understand how to drive strategy execution through the selection and monitoring of projects that will provide the most value to your organization.

·      Apply Best Practices to your own initiatives thanks to our

o   Portfolio Tracker Tool

o   Project Teambook Tool

·      Define your improvement plan

Table of Contents

Strategy Implementation:

1.     Challenges & Solutions

2.     Needs: Focus & Speed

3.     Project Portfolio Management: Key Processes & Questions

4.     Benchmark & Your status

Portfolio Management (with Portfolio Tracker Tool)

5.     Portfolio Management Framework : Strategy Implementation & Portfolio Processes

6.     Build your Portfolio

7.     Process 1: Ideate (Identify & Categorize)- Project Types & Portfolios

8.     Process 2: Evaluate (& Select)- Strategic Alignment- Financials- Risks

9.     Process 3: Prioritize- Weighted Shortest Job First- Resources & Budgets

10. Process 4: Balance- Risk vs Reward

Project Management (with Project Teambook tool)

11. Project Management Framework- Project Lifecycle & PM Processes

12. Improve your Project Delivery

13. Process 5: Initiate- Project Charter

14. Process 6: Plan- WBS- Schedule- Risk Matrix

15. Process 7: (Execute &) Monitor- Action/Decision Log- Lessons Learned

16. Process 8: Report- Status Report- Steerco presentations- Pgm/Portfolio Dashboard

Your Improvement Plan


Depending on your role and your need, you may elect a number of available options:

Price (Euros Excl. VAT) 

Target Audience 

Online Training 

+ Portfolio Tracker Tool 

+ Project Teambook Tool 

Online Training 

+ Portfolio Tracker Tool 

+ Project Teambook Tool  

+ Group Coaching  (1h30 /week)  

Group. Coaching Duration 

Strategy Implementation Overview  

+ Project Mgt 

Project Managers 



5 weeks

Strategy Implementation Overview

+ Portfolio Mgt

Portfolio Managers, PMO



5 weeks

Strategy Implementation Overview

+ Portfolio Mgt

+ Project Mgt

Portfolio Managers, PMO



9 weeks


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