Pragmatic consulting

Audit and recovery

Your need:
Are you facing a major issue on a specific project but cannot clearly see how to solve it?

Our offer:
We can run an audit of this project and define a recovery plan together with your project team. This audit uses a well-defined process to ensure nothing is left aside and shorten the time to recovery.
The major steps of this process are the following:
• Define the charter
• Develop the assessment plan
• Conduct the assessment
• Develop the recovery plan
• Conduct the recovery
The assessment will look among others at the following aspects:

Coaching on project start-ups

Your need

Do you rely on experts in their respective fields to run projects? These people may not have followed a formal training in project management or may never have had the opportunity to apply the learned techniques.

Would you like to provide them assistance during their next projects so that they can become good project managers in addition to being the experts in their field?


Enterprise Project Management solution roll-out

Your need:
Have you implemented a new organization and/or new processes around project management, and would like to implement tools that will ensure the efficiency of these processes?

Our offer:
We can help you define the selection criteria for the tool, manage the Request for Proposal process, and follow-up the implementation with the selected provider.
Our experience in implementing Enterprise Project management solution will make you avoid pitfalls that could be very painful and decrease the buy-in of the organization that you have patiently acquired.

Project Management Office Implementation

Your need:
Have you decided to create a Project Management Office (PMO), based on a maturity assessment or on the belief that you need to provide some infrastructure to improve project management in your organization? This structure may have many different forms and purposes, and you may find difficult to establish its priorities.

Our offer:

Maturity assessment and performance improvement program

Your need:
You may face chronic issues around projects, that you would like to solve once for all. Examples of such issues can be: communications issues between departments, conflicts of priorities on projects, unavailability of resources at the right time, …
These issues can be solved by reviewing your current processes and train people on a new way to work .This does not necessarily involve a big-bang approach like starting everything from scratch , but can just require focused improvements in a few areas.

Our offer:

Consolidating the project portfolio inventory and metrics

Your need: It can be challenging to get a good picture of all initiatives in the organization, especially a summarized status that makes it clear which actions should be triggered at different levels of management.

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