Program Management

The Performing Organization- Org.Development- Part 4: Which organization for strategic programs

In this article we will talk about the organizational structure to put in place in the context of strategic or business transformation programs.

These programs are by nature more or less unique within organizations and require a specific setup to address their challenges.

Implementing best practices in program management

You can find a lot of standard project management trainings on the market today. However, there are only a few that offer you practical trainings that you can put to work directly after.

Showing value

Are you facing difficulties to show how you realize the benefits of your program?

Here follow typical symptoms:

  • Business case structure: modified during the project?
  • Benefits follow-up: time-consuming?
  • Communicated benefits coming out of the project: misbelief from some stakeholders?

Scheduling efficiently

Are you facing difficulties to plan your projects at the appropriate level of details to address the various needs of your stakeholders ? As a result, do you face any of the following symptoms:

Book Reviews

Reviews rate the books based on their contribution of actionable ideas to improve project management in organizations.

*No added-value **Good basics *** Some good ideas
****New knowledge, insightful *****Actionable knowledge

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