The Performing Organization Best Practices- Part 4: The PMO: your partner for excellence and a major change champion

The PMO (can stand for Portfolio or Program or Project Management Office, depending on the scope covered and maturity of the organization) has become a fairly common function within organizations over the last 10 years. Five years ago, I covered in another article how a starting PMO could develop a project management culture in organizations with low maturity in this area.

Project Management Office Implementation

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Have you decided to create a Project Management Office (PMO), based on a maturity assessment or on the belief that you need to provide some infrastructure to improve project management in your organization? This structure may have many different forms and purposes, and you may find difficult to establish its priorities.

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Starting a PMO

We have built a set of useful templates to start your own PMO:
business case
project charter
project plan
PMO services

If you are interested, please contact us.
We would be happy to help you implement your PMO.

PMO Accord, a collection of guidelines by PMOSIG members from PMI

A team of PMO enthusiasts decided to start writing a collection of best practices linked to PMOs. This collection could not be named a PMI standard because the endeavor is not managed by PMI, even though it is done in the context of the PMI PMO Specific Interest Group. Anyway I joined the team and wrote a draft on project metrics and reporting, which is part of my current job. I am interested to see how far this goes. Another volunteer initiative with the same challenge as OPM3: keeping deadlines with very limited resource availability!


• Building a Project-Driven Enterprise, Ronald Mascitelli: ***
This book promotes lean project management, in other words how to perform effective project management without excess bureaucracy.

Book Reviews

Reviews rate the books based on their contribution of actionable ideas to improve project management in organizations.

*No added-value **Good basics *** Some good ideas
****New knowledge, insightful *****Actionable knowledge

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