Implementing a useful dashboard

Are you facing difficulties to assess the health of your projects ? Here follow a few symptoms that you may recognize:

  • Cost/ Benefits analysis: the condom or kleenex syndrome

Cost/Benefits of the project are calculated once at the beginning of the project but never revisited afterwards

projects are never canceled when their return on investment changes

Question: can we spend 500kEuros more on the project?

“sure, now that we have started we can’t stop it”

… for how much in additional savings per year ?


• Total Project control, S.A. Devaux, 81USD : more technical ****

Book Reviews

Reviews rate the books based on their contribution of actionable ideas to improve project management in organizations.

*No added-value **Good basics *** Some good ideas
****New knowledge, insightful *****Actionable knowledge

Books have been classified in the following categories:

Project management Coming soon ...
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