Audit and recovery

Your need:
Are you facing a major issue on a specific project but cannot clearly see how to solve it?

Our offer:
We can run an audit of this project and define a recovery plan together with your project team. This audit uses a well-defined process to ensure nothing is left aside and shorten the time to recovery.
The major steps of this process are the following:
• Define the charter
• Develop the assessment plan
• Conduct the assessment
• Develop the recovery plan
• Conduct the recovery
The assessment will look among others at the following aspects:

Maturity assessment and performance improvement program

Your need:
You may face chronic issues around projects, that you would like to solve once for all. Examples of such issues can be: communications issues between departments, conflicts of priorities on projects, unavailability of resources at the right time, …
These issues can be solved by reviewing your current processes and train people on a new way to work .This does not necessarily involve a big-bang approach like starting everything from scratch , but can just require focused improvements in a few areas.

Our offer:

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