Pharm-Impact supports organizations in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical sector to implement their strategy.

About Us

  • We are experienced consultants with complementary skills and a common passion for Pharma and BioTechnology who decided to join forces
  • Our ambition is to deliver high quality results and solutions as a response to the challenges / opportunities in the industry
  • We have a proven experience in a broad variety of functions (Supply Chain, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Quality, IT, HR, …)
  • Our main focus is on marketing, organizational and operational excellence
  • We provide a pragmatic and systematic approach using tools and processes to deliver and embed results
  • We rely on a network of senior consultants we have already worked with and trust

Our expertise

Our multi-disciplinary backgrounds enable us to look at your current situation from different angles and to help you on a broad range of issues:

  • Project Management: to deliver results in a faster way thanks to a better alignment between team members
  • Process Management: to analyze, improve and embed processes to drive and optimize your business results
  • Change Management: to initiate and implement changes which position your organization stronger in the market place
  • Commercial Excellence: to better align your product/service offering with market demand and opportunities
  • Supply Chain Operational Excellence: to simplify and accelerate the flow of information and goods from purchasing of raw materials to sales of finished products
  • Organizational Excellence: to enhance the performance of your organization through engaging leadership, a better definition of roles and responsibilities, an effective cascading and alignment of individual and team objectives, a rewarding performance and talent management, the search of talent on the local and international labour market as well as the development and deployment of competencies to ensure a long lasting organizational success.

Your results

We can help you achieve the following results:

  • Faster time-to-market: bring a new product faster to market, resulting in increased revenues
  • Improved customer satisfaction: offer a product closer to customer needs
  • Increased profitability: better segment the market to address a specific target population; better alignment of price with market needs
  • Increased overall equipment efficiency: optimize the production equipment usage
  • Decreased inventories: optimize stocks to minimize working capital while guaranteeing order fulfilment rate
  • Increased order fulfilment rate: increase availability and on-time delivery of finished products
  • Clearer roles and responsibilities: organizations with strong teams and the right people in the right job
  • Stronger employee engagement: motivated employees focused on your client needs
  • Increased productivity: strategic workforce planning to ensure your organization is staffed for current and future success (employees with the right competencies to do a better job