Customer references

Here are examples of projects we have conducted:

AW EUROPE:  Using MS Project Server 2010 efficiently

AWE requested some help to reap the benefits of MS Project Server and spread its usage.

After an initial analysis of the current practices, we proposed a process to address the goals and concerns of the multiple departments of one of the business units  which we used as a pilot. We trained the  project managers and provided ongoing support during the implementation. A second business unit was trained later on based on the proposed design.

TENNECO : Development and Roll-Out of manufacturing monitoring application to 30+sites worldwide

Tenneco wanted to make an existing down-time monitoring application more scalable and deploy it globally across the business. The objective of this application is to maximize the Overall Equipment Efficiency (i.e. the usage of the production lines).

We managed the  supplier of the application to deliver the redesigned application including new features resulting from the feedback of the existing users, and deploy the service in 30+ sites in the Americas, Europe & Asia. Each site had to install new hardware (server to host the application and sensors to measure down-time) before the supplier could install and configure the application, as well as train the users. Significant change management effort was required to ensure buy-in from all sites and get the roll-out move forward.

TESSENDERLO : Implementation of MS Project Server 2010 for IT

The objectives were to manage actively IT resources (planning and monitoring through usage of timesheets) and to facilitate the alignment between business and IT on the IT project portfolio.

We took the maturity of the organization into account to ease acceptance by the departments and deployed the solution in a few steps: 

Step 1: Demand Management & Project collaboration: we focused on getting ideas/ project requests in the system, to get an overview of the pipeline & ease the budget process, which was a key added value to top management; in parallel we enabled immediate collaboration capabilities with document sharing , simple status reporting, which was quick added value for the teams

Step 2: Project Planning & Resource management: training was provided to project managers and resource managers, then the internal PMO ensured people gradually had the discipline to use the tool according to the guidelines

Step 3: Portfolio Management: project selection and prioritization: this step is still ongoing. Simple criteria have been defined and are further fine-tuned.

AGC: Setup of a PMO to support a plant construction in Brazil

AGC new Brazil CEO wanted to get a full control of the plant construction project, covering all business aspects, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Engineering, Finance, HR and IT.

Common project management standards were defined, including practical tools that all functional teams could use to plan and follow-up progress, and clear reporting was delivered to Japanese top management.

After this, the IT department asked to support the program rolling-out new corporate solutions (SAP, EDI, Flexnet) to Brazil. A program organization was put in place , the teams trained and coached on the project management standards (including Planview and Sharepoint).

At strategic level, the mission of the IT PMO was also reviewed, methodology fine-tuned and a new change roadmap defined and implemented, including individual coaching on Project Management.

BIOWIN: Delivery of training to introduce scientists to the Bio-Pharma Industry

Biowin, the competitiveness pole of the Wallonia region for  the Life Sciences sector, wanted to make the scientists aware of the various functions in the Bio-Pharma industry to help them better position themselves on the job market.

We built a custom 5-day training program with 6 experts of the industry that provided an overview of the Sector, the value chain, the way companies are organized, the importance of marketing to launch new products, the need for strong project management in many functions. The participant was then introduced to competencies required for different functions, and coached to map his/her own personal strengths to these functions and better position his/her profile in function of the targeted function in job application.  

GSK BIOLOGICALS: Increasing Project Management Maturity within Vaccine Development Department

The client needed to coach a new team of project managers with a wide range of backgrounds on project management standards (scheduling- with Planisware, resource & cost management, information delivery- with Sharepoint, risk management).

An individual coaching was provided, a full development plan based on 360° competency surveys among project managers and their internal customers/colleagues and a 3-day w customized workshop to develop hard & soft skills was delivered.

The PMO Mission was also reviewed. PM Metrics & Dashboard were proposed and implemented. 

BESINS HEALTHCARE: Program Management- Supply Chain and Finance process redesign

After building the project team and aligning their vision on the high-level process map and project objectives, we split the work into 5 teams covering one macro-process each: Order-To-Cash, Supply Chain Planning, Purchase-To-Pay, Make-To-Order, and Close (the Books) & Analyze. Each team modelled the existing processes, identified improvements translated into project deliverables, and defined the target process, with details about the responsibilities of each department. Our team of consultants helped the customer teams properly document the processes and business rules.

In the end a transversal vision of the company processes was achieved, ownership taken by the identified new process owners, and action plan for technical & operational changes documented.

VIRTUALIS: Project Management- Scenography of the Belgian pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010

We coordinated the content of the regional part of the Belgian pavilion at the Shanghai world exhibition: meeting companies and governmental institutions to decide on content to be shown and design (scenography), then in a second stage, setup in Shanghai.  

SOLVAY SA: Definition of a project management framework for the Solvay Group

Solvay wanted to promote common project management practices across its business units to improve collaboration across departements and propagate lessons learned across business units.  A few departments had advanced practices while others had limited experience in project management.

The Project Gold Mine hence proposed a roadmap made of different phases to increase project management maturity. The first phase intended to establish a framework valid for the entire Group and in parallel, to define the building blocks of a project management culture. Therefore, we first launched a survey among project managers and senior management to determine current practices and priority areas of improvement. Second, we defined a typology of skills in project management (general soft skills, general technical skills, skills specific to some functions such as IT, Engineering and R&D), and integrated the project management process within the enterprise process map. Based on the typology, we defined a standard project management methodology (technical aspects, including roles and responsibilities, project lifecycles, templates & metrics) together with the specifics of managing Process Redesign and Lean Six Sigma projects (projects supported by the department sponsor of this initiative). In parallel, we defined a career path (team members, project manager junior/senior, program manager, portfolio manager), job descriptions and individual performance evaluation criteria, and led a request for proposal for trainings based on the developed standard methodology. We also developed an intranet on project management, holding the methodology as well as best practices coming from inside and outside the organization.  

SOLVAY SA: Project Management- Payroll process redesign

We were asked to help on a payroll process redesign project.

We redefined priorities among the to-be process with the core team and reorganized the project sub-teams (about 15 team leaders, one for each country). Once the process sufficiently detailed, we started migrating the different countries to the target process by following a well-defined process with multiple checkpoints. The migration consisted of two components: the migration to an outsourced SAP HR system and the migration of some services to a new Shared Service Center in Portugal. The migration of services has been made progressively in order to guarantee business continuity and transfer knowledge progressively. At the beginning, local teams were reluctant to transfer some of their activities, but by including some Portuguese people into the teams early on, we managed to build trust and the project went smoothly.

This critical process was migrated in 11 European countries on a new system in 2,5 years. 

Solvay SA: Setup of a PMO for a Business Process Reengineering program 

In order to enable significant cost reductions in the support processes, the finance and HR departments reengineered 10 processes and outsourced transactional activities such as accounting to an internally developed shared service center in Lisbon. A PMO was built to ensure the coherence of planning across the process improvement projects and a proper follow-up of progress and issue resolution. If you are interested in more details, here is an article with the feedback on this PMO on the following link: . Registered users can also find below the Business Process Reengineering PMO presentation.

Solvay Fluor- MS Projectserver training & Support 

 “We were looking for an efficient hosting solution to work with MS Project without spending our own resources on infrastructure. The Project Gold Mine is not only a service to provide technical support and access to MS Project Server. They have a broad experience with project management and support which is essential to provide a good service with MS Project Server. The service was always quick and easily accessible. The system was adapted to match individual requirements.

 Our experience with training sessions was very satisfying. The Project Gold Mine gave individually required and tailored training. They were very skilled to adapt to the different levels of knowledge of the attendants. The trainings took place in a nice atmosphere and no attendee got the feeling he was getting lost with the covered learning content during the course. Last but not least this recommendable service was provided by knowing the software and project management by excellence, the latter not only from theories, but related to real life. The Project Gold Mine can be recommended without restriction of any kind if you are looking for PM consulting, training, and /or system hosting.” Dr. Jens Olschimke, R&D Deputy Manager, Solvay SBU Fluor, Hanover, Germany

Solvay Pharmaceuticals- PM Software-as-a-Service 

 “Within Solvay Pharmaceuticals, TPS (Technology and Product Support) was a recently created entity, with mission to provide technological support to Manufacturing and Supply sites, and industrialize products from the R&D pipeline. As many activities needed to be organized as projects and there was no standard yet, a project was launched to define and implement Project Management standards and tools. We soon discovered that Nicolas De Dobbeleer, at that time a Solvay employee, could provide a platform based on MS Project server that fitted perfectly in our concept: collaborative, customizable, enabling individual project follow up as well as portfolio consolidation. There was even a standard dashboard available, created by Nicolas; however for internal reasons we did not use this option. In the design and implementation of our solution, Nicolas provided useful guidance and support to properly install the "architecture" part of this solution. We launched the solution 8 months ago. It includes processes based on PM best practices (phases, workflows, roles and responsibilities...), MS Office-based tools for project lifecycle monitoring, and the MS Project server (supplied by The Project Gold Mine) as backbone for collaboration, planning and portfolio overview. We made a tour recently on the plants to collect feedback from users. The outcome is good; of course like in any new system & process, several items need further improvement, but general comments are positive, and the appropriation of the solution is increasing at a good pace. Especially, unique and structured process, increased collaboration, and transparency of information were quoted as important improvements. We are confident that we will make a success out of this solution.” Fabrice Miharan, Projects Support & Systems manager, TPS, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Châtillon, France

Solvay Information Services- IT PMO implementation 

The IT department had developed a comprehensive but heavy methodology that was not used. Its main challenge was to allocate efficiently resources across business driven projects. A light methodology was built focusing on the generic IT project lifecycle, roles and responsibilities, communications, planning and reporting. A standard status report and dashboard was used for the main projects. If you are interested in more details, registered users can find below the IT PMO presentation.

"The training was really well prepared and the methodology is complete, useful and synthetic", says an IT project manager at Solvay

SOLVAY INFORMATION SERVICES- Project Management- Global WAN outsourcing

We started an outsourcing project aiming at centralizing all services (telecom lines, equipments, support services) to decrease the total cost of ownership and ensure a standard service quality. We first sent a Request For Information to 9 providers and short-listed 6 to whom we sent a formal Request For Proposal. Our selection criteria included strategic aspects, service levels and technological aspects. The cost criteria was considered separately, once the functional ranking established.

A pilot was run with two providers, each with 5 locations, and enabled us to test the migration process and support level once the connection operational. Based on pilot results, we negotiated with both providers and finally contracted with one.

The result of the contract negotiation was a substantial 2 MEuros savings per year (about 25% savings compared to the previous solution).

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For more comments from customers, you can check Nicolas De Dobbeleer’s Linked In profile.

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